Award categories


1. Best Crisis Management and Leadership
In the face of dramatic contextual jolts, HR deliverables of talent, leadership, and organisation become even more pivotal. Winning entries are those that clearly indicate how HR helps leaders make bold business decisions, instil confidence with all stakeholders through clear crisis communication, and have a robust business continuity plan in place to ensure the business stays afloat.
2. Best Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy

Equal opportunity employment goes beyond numbers and quotas, to unlock inclusive policies that do not discriminate in recruiting, hiring, training or promoting under any circumstances. The winning entry should demonstrate that the organisation has taken active steps in recognising and celebrating all forms of diversity, not limited to race, gender identity, age, sexuality, culture and physical capabilities; and has put in place policies for inclusion across the workforce.

3. Best ESG Strategy

ESG has been increasingly important for a business where employee and investors increase their focus on whether or not the business is socially responsible and sustainable. This category recognises an organisation that has a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance strategy and implementations into its HR planning. Entries should demonstrate how the leaders leverage ESG initiatives to take a more responsible approach to its business and engage with its workforce.

4. Best Graduate Training Programme
This award recognises the efforts of organisations in developing high caliber graduates that are either recent school leavers or those with one-two years of work experience. The judges will determine the success of the organisation by its ability to display success in grooming young talent to become future leaders through an accelerated learning environment, formal training, purposeful business opportunities and professional development.
5. Best Holistic Leadership Development Strategy
HR and leadership functions are under extreme pressure to proactively prepare organisations for the long road to recovery. With that, this category looks at leadership development strategy as a whole, the effectiveness of the various programmes, and the business benefits accrued as a result of developing high-quality leaders. As such, leadership programmes that focus on communication skills, soft skills training and more will rise above the rest as winners.
6. Best HR Communication Strategy
Leading organisations are able to deliver a gold-quality employee experience by capitalising on the wide array of internal and external communication channels. HR teams that have transformed the business through their effective and transparent communication strategy should enter. Winners of this category are those that have leveraged on social media and other innovative practices to reliably communicate key messaging to various stakeholders, to keep them highly engaged on the progress of business decisions.
7. Best Management Training Programme
Focused on grooming high potential talent across various career stages from early, mid to top-level for leadership positions, judges are on the lookout for effective and all-rounded management training programmes. Entries that showcase how relevant and consistent management training has enabled the talent to execute business strategies, and contribute to long-term success will be frontrunners in the judges’ eyes.
8. Best Mentorship/Coaching Programme

This category recognises HR teams that have designed mentorship/coaching programmes tailored to help its employees become adaptive, innovative and more agile business leaders. Focused on rewarding HR teams that have either organised in-house transformational mentorships or coaching or collaborated with external vendors, the programmes that shift behaviours and mindsets while fuelling business growth will win.

9. Best Remote Management Strategy
This category acknowledges organisations that have successfully managed their remote workforce, including gig workers, through their work-from-home and flexible working arrangements pre, post and during the pandemic. Entries that emphasise how organisational leaders have successfully leveraged on digital technologies to keep a pulse on employees without causing disruptions to workflow processes and business productivity will win.
10. Best Succession Planning Strategy
Managing succession has come more into focus than ever before. Judges are on the lookout for the future-focused practice of identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform certain functions and then developing and executing a plan to prepare multiple individuals to potentially perform those functions.
11. Best Women Leadership Programme
This category celebrates organisations that advocate for a collaborative, positive and open approach to women empowerment and leadership. Entries that highlight how the organisation supports and nurtures a growing pool of talented female professionals, while pushing to become an equal opportunity employer in all aspects of rewards, performance and development will take home this award.


12. Best Career Development Programme
This award recognises the career development opportunities that the organisation provides for its employees such as coaching, mentoring, upskilling, lateral moves, reverse mentoring and more. Entries that showcase strong business alignment, lifelong commitment to employees’ professional development, and overall mastery in planning for future skillsets will win.
13. Best In-House Learning Academy
An in-house learning academy is on the wish list of a majority of L&D professionals who are able to devote the time, investment and resources to pooling together expertise internally. However, an academy today is no longer just a physical learning space, but rather a library of content that organisations provide their employees. Winners in this category must demonstrate their expertise in building a sound infrastructure that enables functional, technical and business learning.
14. Best Learning and Development Programme
Leading the future of work transformation, L&D programmes form a key element of robust talent development and business progression. Workplace learning empowers employees to hone new skills and grow professionally, while on the business front, it helps to engage the workforce and increase productivity. HR teams that integrate blended learning and unlock talent capabilities through learning tech and tools to improve bottom line business productivity will emerge victorious.
15. Best Organisational Upskilling and Reskilling Strategy
A high-performing, agile organisation is often identified by its future-ready organisational design, underpinned by a strategic approach to upskilling and reskilling. HR teams that focus on helping employees to thrive in the current business climate as well as provide a platform to hone skillsets for future employability through a company-wide skills programme will win.
16. Best Remote Learning Initiative
This award recognises the best solutions to continued learning and development amidst the shift to a remote working environment. Entries that showcase effective use of technology, communication, combined with tangible results, will win this category.
17. Best Talent Mobility Programme
Increasingly, organisations are on the lookout for the right talent to compete effectively in the global market. This award recognises companies that offer exciting international and/or regional exposure through a talent mobility programme. The programme must be geared at developing in-demand skills, fuelling employees’ growth, sharing best practices, strengthening organisational culture, and building a pipeline of global-ready talent through overseas work opportunities.


18. Best Employee Wellness Strategy
High performing companies that measure employee health as a key part of their overall risk management strategy generate a healthier workforce, organisational culture and financial bottom line. Since wellness and employee engagement go hand-in-hand, judges are on the lookout for an integrated plan of action that boosts the holistic wellness of the workforce, through mental, emotional, financial and physical lenses.
19. Best Employer Branding
This category celebrates companies that have successfully created a strong brand story that resonates with employees and positions the organisation at the top of candidates’ employer wish lists. HR teams that leverage on innovative storytelling techniques, inspirational employer branding champions, and a partnership with internal stakeholders, among many others to engage potential and current employees will emerge as the top.
20. Best Flexible Working Strategy

Since the pandemic, flexible work arrangement has became more and more commonplace, thereby encouraging organisations to redefine productivity, inclusiveness and connectedness with flexible work. In this category, judges will be looking at how the company goes beyond the standard working arrangement to offer flexible work options, matching the needs of employees and the business function. Entries should showcase how effective their flexible working strategy connects, engages their staff and provide positive outcomes/benefits to both the employee & company.

21. Best HR Digital Transformation Strategy
With the shift in generational demographics, on top of the rapid advancements in technology, HR is often left trying to balance legacy organisational processes with the demands posed by a new generation of employees. Entries that showcase how HR has taken the lead to transform the business through digitisation and digitalisation, whilst improving the overall employee experience will take home the award.
22. Best Onboarding Experience
Companies that overcome specific cultural and logistical challenges to creating an engaging new-employee experience in a region as diverse as Asia will thrive in this category. Judges will reward organisations that have excelled in welcoming new employees all the way from day one to their ramp-up towards productivity, through the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to become valuable team members.
23. Best Recruitment Experience Strategy

Does your organisation consistently deliver a positive, respectful and professional experience at all touchpoints with candidates – be it from application to interviewing and from hiring to onboarding? Enter this category to be recognised the exceptional candidate experience that your organisation provides to potential recuits.

24. Best Response to Covid-19
This award will go to the teams the demonstrated excellence in helping their employees cope with the impact of Covid-19, from managing manpower disruptions and the changing nature of workplaces, to successfully engaging staff and looking out for their mental well-being.
25. Best Rewards and Recognition Programme
Effective employee recognition programmes help to attract and retain top talent, and ensure that employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to achieve company goals. HR teams that integrate relevant and innovative rewards to drive recognition, and incentivise the behaviours required to enhance the organisational culture will win.
26. Best Team Building Programme

Team building programmes help the organisation to build an efficient team with a greater sense of belonging and collaboration within the company, and thus achieve a higher business-performance and results. This category recognises the most effective team building programme that strengthen team bonding, increase the employee engagement and boost team moral. Entries should illustrate how the programme unites the team to reach a common business goal.

27. Best Use of Recruitment Technology Tools
Have you effectively leveraged on technology to optimise and streamline your organisation’s talent acquisition process? Have you demonstrated the ability to differentiate your company and attract candidates, all while minimising time-to-hire and bringing down costs? If you have explored innovative technological tools that make recruitment a breeze, we want to hear from you in this category!
28. Best Work-life Harmony Strategy
It’s key that employees are able to strike a balance between work and personal life, especially in times when technology and remote working have blurred the line between work and home. Organisations that provide workplace flexibility and other holistic benefits/programmes to help employees cope with the demands of home and career while increasing productivity and reducing turnover should enter.
29. Most Innovative and Sustainable Workplace
An attractive, well-conceptualised office with a focus on sustainability is becoming more vital to an organisation’s employee value proposition. Forward-looking organisations understand the impact of a conducive and vibrant workspace on talent attraction and employee productivity. The best talent wants to work in an inspiring yet eco-friendly environment. This award recognises sustainable and ergonomic workspaces that provide spaces for employees to perform, collaborate, and thrive.