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Employee Experience Awards Key Dates

Elevating Employee Experience: Celebrating Excellence

Welcome to the Employee Experience Awards, returning for its fourth year to honour organisations that have truly mastered the art of prioritising the employee experience. In a world where retaining top talent and nurturing a thriving workforce is paramount, EXA shines a spotlight on the trailblazers who have harnessed the power of employee-centric strategies to drive value and maintain a competitive edge.

In the wake of the pandemic’s far-reaching impact on work dynamics, employees everywhere have grappled with unprecedented challenges, facing uncertainties that ripple across social, economic, and professional spheres. This is why we are thrilled to reintroduce the Employee Experience Awards, to recognise employers who have risen to the occasion, taking tangible steps to reinvigorate the employee experience.

A victory at the Employee Experience Awards is more than just an accolade. It’s a testament from the industry that your organisation stands at the forefront, actively listening to, engaging with, and supporting your most invaluable asset: your people.


Position Your Impact

This is your golden opportunity to showcase the dedication and innovation that have transformed your workplace into a haven for employees.

This year, we proudly present 4 EX pillars, comprising a total of 42 categories open for submissions. These categories align with Leadership, Learning, Engagement, and Talent Acquisition, recognising exceptional accomplishments that have redefined leadership development, pioneered integrated learning, and propelled employee engagement.

Now is the moment to bask in the acknowledgment of your endeavors and revel in the recognition of your peers. We extend our warmest wishes for your submission’s success!

Good luck! Stay connected with us on social media as the awards journey unfolds.

What’s new in 2024?

Best Employee Engagement Initiative

Best Employee Feedback and Listening Strategy

In-House Workplace Innovation

Why Enter EXA 2024

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Stay ahead of the talent war

Be top of mind for candidates and employees by showcasing your meaningful, personalised, user-friendly and digital EX
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Catalyse your employer branding efforts

Spread positivity and boost morale by putting your team’s work in the spotlight and winning at the Employee Experience Awards.
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Better business outcomes and improved performance

Nurture an army of happy employees who are excited to do their best at work. Unleash their full potential and increase productivity.
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Deliver stakeholder confidence

Whether it’s your employees, C-suite leaders or global management team, reaffirm your organisational excellence to your stakeholders.

Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and your teams get the recognition they deserve!

Entries will close on 13 Dec 2023 so start your entry today!

Judging Criteria

Here are some guiding pointers that judges will be looking out for. Please ensure your entry answers the points below for the various sections along with the guiding pointers in the respective categories.

Business challenge


  • Provide the context of your industry and include the brief background/overview of your company.
  • Include information that demonstrates the implications of the business challenges faced.
  • What were your initial plan/business opportunities you were looking to pursue?
  • How has the challenge(s) pivoted your vision, goal and mission of your HR strategy?
  • What was the company’s overall direction? What kind of support did you get from your top management and line-of-business managers to overcome the challenge?
  • What are some innovative and/or new ideas proposed when brainstorming solutions to tackle the challenge(s)?
  • What is the expected business ROI from the proposed changes?
  • Please include some testimonials from peers/senior management/clients.

Transformation strategy


  • What did you do to transform your business? What were the key objectives?
  • Outline the milestones in your strategy highlighting what worked and what didn’t work. How did you solve the issues that cropped up along the way when you were executing your strategy?
  • Who were your key stakeholders and what channels did you use to communicate the strategy to them? How did you maintain continued support from key stakeholders? What was the acceptance rate?
  • What are some of the USP’s of your transformation strategy? How does this align with your organisational goals? Please include some testimonials.



  • What were the primary and secondary results of your strategy? How did your plan affect your organisational culture and goals?
  • What business and commercial benefits did your transformation strategy deliver?
  • What was the feedback from your stakeholders?
  • How did you track the ROI of your impact?
  • Please provide some evidence of success. You may use metrics, anecdotes and case studies.
  • Please include some testimonials from peers/senior management/clients. Feel free to include graphs, charts that will strengthen your business case.

Learning points


  • Please identify top 3 key takeaways from your transformation strategy.
  • What were some gaps in your strategy?
  • What are the strengths that form the foundation of your strategy?
  • What are the future plans that you have in place to further boost this?
  • What are some elements of the strategy that you think is unique to your organisation?
  • Please include some testimonials from peers/senior management/clients. Feel free to include graphs, charts that will strengthen your business case.

Panel of Judges

The Employee Experience Awards will be evaluated at the highest standards, by the most eminent senior HR experts and thought leaders. These hand-picked individuals are committed to giving your entries all the dedication they need, in order to sieve out the finest HR teams and leaders who have transformed the world of work.

Interested in becoming a judge yourself, or would you like to nominate someone? Reach out to Shan Ee at shanee@humanresourcesonline.net or +65 6423 0329.

2023 Panel of Judges

Dawn Yeow

Dawn Yeow

Regional HR Director

A. Menarini Asia-Pacific

Joanne Low

Joanne Low

HR Director, APMEA Region

Aspire Lifestyles
Jack Ang

Jack Ang

Head of People Experience


Anupam Trehan

Anupam Trehan

Vice President, People & Communities for Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China


2023 Finalist

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