HR Vendors of the Year 2021 | Award categories


1. Best HR Outsourcing Service Provider

An HR outsourcing service provider plays an important role in yielding the essential resource of allocating professional HR assistance without the client having to invest expenses into hiring a full in-house HR team. The best HR outsourcing service provider is one with the capability to supply a comprehensive and customisable service of HR professionals that fit the business needs of its clients seamlessly.

2. Best Compensation & Benefit Consultancy

Employees are in control of today’s talent market and it means that compensation, benefits and rewards strategies have been elevated to a much higher priority. Compensation and benefits consultants provide HR professionals with the data they need to build competitive packages that don’t break the business, and also advise on how to structure and communicate remuneration policies – a complicated task which only gets more difficult when rolled out across multiple markets and tax jurisdictions. The winners of this award are the companies that provide the best insights and advice to clients.

3. Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner

One of the keys to advancing the HR function is the ability of HR professionals to free themselves of administrative HR tasks which enable them to focus on strategic HR management issues. Outsourcing payroll to a reliable third party is a godsend for many companies and the winner of this award is the company that best delivers bottom-line value for its clients as a result of taking on and improving payroll administration.

4. Best Sales Training Provider

There are sales people who have the gift of the gab and then there are true sales professionals who understand how to get their clients to open up, who appreciate the value of listening and really provide their clients with the products and services they need within set budgets. True sales professionals consistently exceed their targets and drive the revenue performance of their companies. The winners of this category are the companies that are in the business of transforming friendly and chatty sales people into high-performing sales professionals.

5. Best Employee Insurance Provider

Other than pay, employees look to benefits and mostly insurance coverage that their employers provide as part of their package, so it is most imperative that employers subscribe to insurance plans and providers that pushes for wider coverage but with options to reduce spend. Great insurance also gives employees a peace of mind, and thus curb costs of absenteeism and low productivity. Winners of this category are recognized for exceptional provision of employee insurance that benefits both employers and employees with win-win services and solutions.

6. Best Corporate Healthcare Provider

With the rising cost of healthcare, many companies have found that prevention (keeping staff healthy) is cheaper than the cure (healing them when they are sick). In some cases, the cost of company-sponsored nutritionist advice, exercise and workout incentives, and ergonomic office design reduces spend on doctors, hospitalization, and general corporate health insurance. The winners will be the companies who do the best job of keeping their clients’ workforces healthy and safe with access to medical treatments if needed, which in turn adds value to their clients’ bottom line.

7. Best MPF Provider

MPF while mandatory still allows for employers and employees to choose the providers that cater to retirement savings and planning. Winners of this category would demonstrate streamlined and effective MPF services, great performance, proper compliance with MPF legislation while providing transparent overviews to employers highlighting retirement benefits for employees.


8. Best Contract Staffing Solution Agency

Contract roles are gaining popularity among employers as more employees are looking for more flexible arrangements. The winners of this category need to demonstrate the ability to provide cost-effective and efficient contract hiring or solutions to help employers fulfil their talent needs.

9. Best Recruitment Outsourcing Partner

Having a reliable recruitment partner goes a long way in building a competent workforce for a company. The winners of this category have excellence in providing cost-effective hiring programmes while being able to provide quality candidates with high retention rates.

10. Best All-round Recruitment Agency

In today’s economy, companies are looking for one-stop shops that could provide holistic services that would cater to different size and industry orientation. The winners of this category need to possess extensive experience and overview for successful hires across a multitude of levels and industries and demonstrate the ability to execute positive hiring projects.

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11. Best Performance Management System

An effective performance management system plays a critical role in evaluating the productivity and competence levels of employees. This award celebrates the best performance management systems with the most intricately thought-out programmes and activities utilising the latest technologies available in the market to come up with an all-encompassing performance management system for HR professionals and their organisations.

12. Best Payroll Software

Back in the good old days, employees received a cheque at the end of the month, and if they were lucky, a pay slip. How times have changed – salary, commission, bonus, flexible benefits, tax, leave, expenses, time and attendance, plus the need for self-service capabilities, cloud-based accessibility and multiple layers of security have all conspired to make a smart payroll package an essential item for all companies. The winners of this award are the companies which have developed the most intuitive and most valuable payroll system.

13. Best Digital Learning Platform/System

Keeping track of the required skills for every role, at every level, in every market and monitoring how every employee is progressing through those required skills and making that data available to all stakeholders in real time is beyond the capabilities of the trusty spreadsheet. Thankfully learning management systems have been developed to take on these tasks and the “Best Learning Development System” award will go to the software company which has developed the LMS which best meets employees’ learning & development needs.

14. Best HR Management System

Best of breed payroll, applicant tracking systems, learning management systems and talent management software are often excellent, but many companies prefer the consistency and centralised control offered by all-encompassing end-to-end HR management systems which include all HR technology modules. The winners of this category are the software companies which have developed the HRMS which ticks all the boxes and adds the most value for their customers.

15. Best Employee Experience Platform

Employees that work together with genuine team spirit are the employees which perform the best and deliver the most value to their companies. Sometimes team spirit take spark on its own, but most of the time it requires hard work and smart techniques. The winners of this category are the employee experience advocates that are consistently able to transform groups of employees into high-performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively and achieve fantastic results.

Grand Winner:

16. Best HR Solution Provider of the Year


17. Best Recruitment Agency of the Year


18. Best Consultancy of the Year




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