HR Vendors of the Year 2023 | Award categories


1. Best Compensation & Benefits Consultancy

Employees are in control of today’s talent market and it means that compensation, benefits, and rewards strategies have been elevated to a much higher priority. Compensation and benefits consultants provide HR professionals with the data they need to build competitive packages that don’t break the business, and also advise on how to structure and communicate remuneration policies – a complicated task which only gets more difficult when rolled out across multiple markets and tax jurisdictions. The winners of this award are the companies that provide the best insights and advice to clients.

2. Best Corporate Insurance Provider (NEW*)

Other than pay, employees look at the benefits and insurance coverage their employers provide as part of their package, so it is imperative employers subscribe to insurance plans and providers that push for wider coverage, but with options to reduce spending. Great insurance also gives employees a sense of security, and thus, curbs costs of absenteeism and low productivity. Winners of this category are recognised for the exceptional provision of corporate insurance that benefits both employers and employees with win-win services and solutions

3. Best Corporate Wellness Service Provider

With the rising cost of healthcare, many companies have found that prevention is cheaper than physical treatments. The cost of company-sponsored nutritionist advice, exercise, and workout incentives, mental wellness practices, and an ergonomic office design, reduces spending on doctors, hospitalisation, and general corporate health insurance. The winners of this category are those companies who do the best job of keeping their clients’ workforces both physically and mentally healthy, along with access to preventive medical treatments, which in turn, adds value to their clients’ bottom line.

4. Best HR Legal Consulting Firm (NEW*)

Outstanding legal advice and consulting services relating to human resources are important to any company. These HR legal consulting firms specialise in helping organisations navigate complex employment laws and regulations, as well as addressing workplace issues such as discrimination, harassment, and compliance. The winners of this category will have a proven track record of providing clients with effective and practical solutions to their HR legal challenges, while also demonstrating exceptional client service, expertise, and innovation in their approach. Judges will be looking at the firm’s expertise in HR law, the quality of its client service, and ability to provide practical solutions that address the unique needs of its clients.

5. Best HR Outsourcing Service Provider

An HR outsourcing service provider plays an important role in providing the essential resource of allocating professional HR assistance without the client having to invest expenses into hiring a full in-house HR team. The best HR outsourcing service provider is one with the capability to supply a comprehensive and customisable service of HR professionals that fit the business needs of its clients seamlessly.

6. Best Mobility & Orientation Consultancy (NEW*)

The best mobility and orientation consultants prepare the relocated manager for changes in culture before the move, take care of the immigration administration, work out tax issues, provide advice on banking and other legal and statutory requirements, and get the expat executive into the office with minimal business disruption.

7. Best Outplacement Service (NEW*)

Providing exceptional support to employees who are transitioning out of a company because of layoffs, downsizing, or restructuring. These services can include career coaching, resume writing, job search assistance, and networking opportunities. The winning outplacement service provider will have demonstrated its commitment to helping employees navigate the emotional and practical challenges of job loss, while also providing them with the tools and resources they needed to successfully transition to new employment. Judges will consider factors such as the quality of coaching and support provided, the success rate of placing employees in new roles, and the overall impact of the service on the individuals and organisations it serves.

8. Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner

One of the keys to advancing the HR function is the ability of HR professionals to free themselves of administrative HR tasks which enable them to focus on strategic HR management issues. Outsourcing payroll to a reliable third party is a godsend for many companies, and the winners of this award will be those who best deliver bottom-line value for their clients as a result of taking on and improving payroll administration. 

9. Best Training & Facilitation Skills Provider (NEW*)

Offering exceptional training and facilitation services to help organisations improve their overall performance, these providers specialise in designing and delivering customised training programmes that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of their clients. The winners of this category need to have a proven track record of delivering high-quality training and facilitation services that are engaging, interactive, and effective in achieving measurable results. Judges will consider factors such as the expertise and experience of the provider, the quality of the training materials and resources, the level of engagement and interaction with participants, and the overall impact of the training on the organisation’s performance.


10. Best All-Round Recruitment Agency

In today’s economy, companies are looking for one-stop shops that can provide holistic services that will cater to different sizes and industry orientation. The winners of this category need to possess extensive experience and an overview for successful hires across a multitude of levels and industries, and demonstrate the ability to execute positive hiring projects.

11. Best Contract Staffing Solution Agency

Contract roles are gaining popularity among employers as more employees are looking for more flexible arrangements. The winners of this category need to demonstrate the ability to provide cost-effective and efficient contract hiring solutions to help employers fulfil their talent needs.

12. Best Executive Search Agency

This category recognises the best recruitment firms that specialise in executive and C-suite appointments. The winners of the category possess unparalleled knowledge and an understanding of the mechanisms of executive placement with tangible measures of success such as the quality and quantity of key appointments with big firms.

13. Best Global Expansion Recruitment Agency (NEW*)

In today’s globalised economy, more companies are planning to expand their businesses to markets outside of their home country, but cultural differences remain a major challenge. The winners of this category need to be equipped with an extensive global talent network and demonstrate the ability to execute cross-border hiring projects, and close cultural gaps. 

14. Best Innovative Recruitment Solution Provider (NEW*)

Leveraging creative approaches to recruitment to help organisations identify and engage with the best candidates, the winners of this category will have a strong record of delivering innovative recruitment solutions that are customised to the specific needs and goals of their clients, while also demonstrating exceptional customer service, expertise, and creativity. Judges will consider factors such as the effectiveness and impact of the provider’s solutions, the level of customisation and flexibility offered, and the overall innovation and creativity demonstrated.

15. Best Recruitment Firm – Financial Sector

The financial sector is one of the pillar industries of Hong Kong, with a strong demand for talent. The winners of this category need to demonstrate a strong talent network, and a deep understanding of the talent challenges in the financial sector.

16. Best Recruitment Firm – Information Technology

The technology sector has been the most aggressive sector in recruiting for the past few years. The keen competition for talent in this sector is a well-known fact. The winners of this category are firms with a strong professional network in sourcing the right talent from around the world and have professional knowledge in identifying the right IT professional to match a client’s business needs.

17. Best Recruitment Firm – Sales, Marketing & Media (NEW*)

The marketing sector is a long-standing sector in the market. Winners of this category have a deep understanding of the unique skills and qualities required for success in delivering exceptional recruitment services to clients in the sales, marketing, and media sectors, while also demonstrating exceptional customer service, expertise, and innovation in their approach. Judges will consider factors such as the quality of the candidates presented, the success rate of placements, the level of industry knowledge and expertise, and the overall impact of the firm’s services on their clients’ businesses.

18. Best Recruitment Firm – Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality are two of the most highly demanding sectors in 2023. The multi-billion dollar industries, which cover hotels and other lodgings, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, cruise lines, and affiliated tourism, are making a comeback after a lot of talent and management personnel left in recent years. To fill this huge talent gap, the winners of this category have demonstrated a strong talent network that has successfully helped clients with retained executive search, professional search, and contingency search to help them achieve their recruitment targets.

19. Best Start-up Recruitment Agency (NEW*)

These agencies have established themselves as rising leaders in the recruitment industry and have shown a commitment to delivering high-quality recruitment services to their clients during the first two years of operation. The winning agencies are new recruitment agencies that have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in their first years of operation, successfully placing candidates with clients, while also demonstrating exceptional customer service, expertise, and innovation in their approach. Judges will consider factors such as the agency’s growth and development, the quality of the candidates placed, the level of industry knowledge and expertise demonstrated, and the overall impact of the agency’s services on its clients.

HR Tech:

20. Best AI Recruitment Software (NEW*)

Recognises an organisation that has developed game-changing AI-enabled software designed to simplify and mainstream the process of recruitment and hiring to hire top talent more efficiently and effectively. Entrants should showcase how they have developed innovative AI recruitment software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimise various aspects of the recruitment process, including candidate screening, sourcing, and engagement. They should also demonstrate their implementation and the measurable impact on their clients’ recruitment processes.

21. Best Attendance Automation System (NEW*)

Recognises the best automated TNA systems that help employers manage time in, and out, reporting, and compliance. Biometric systems and cloud-based systems are welcome. Judges will be looking for effectiveness, ease-of-use, and compatibility with other reporting processes such as payroll and leave applications.

22. Best Digital Learning & Development Platform (NEW*)

These platforms offer a wide range of learning content, including courses, videos, simulations, and assessments, and the use of advanced analytics to personalise learning experiences and track progress. The winners provide intelligent platforms that leverage technology to deliver effective and engaging learning and development solutions to individuals and organisations, delivering high-quality learning and development solutions that are innovative, interactive, and effective in achieving measurable results. Judges will consider factors such as the platform’s user experience, the quality and relevance of the learning content, the level of personalisation and customisation offered, and the overall impact of the platform on learners’ knowledge, skills, and performance.

23. Best Employee Experience Platform

Employees that work together with genuine team spirit are the employees which perform the best and deliver the most value to their companies. Sometimes team spirit is sparked on its own, but most of the time it requires hard work and smart techniques. The winners of this category are the employee experience advocates that are consistently able to transform groups of employees into high-performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively, and achieve fantastic results.

24. Best International Workforce Management Platform (NEW*)

International workforce management platforms offer a range of tools and features to help organisations manage workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, and more, across multiple countries and regions. The winners of this category provide exceptional solutions that are innovative, user-friendly, and effective in achieving measurable results to help organisations manage their global workforces. Judges will consider factors such as the platform’s functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, customer service, and the overall impact on organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

25. Best Newcomer in Recruitment Solution (NEW*)

These new firms provide new software, tools, or services that leverage technology and data to improve recruitment processes and outcomes. The winners will be innovative solutions providers that have entered the recruitment market in the past year and have shown exceptional potential for making a significant impact, delivering results, while also demonstrating exceptional innovation, usability, and effectiveness in addressing recruitment challenges. Judges will consider factors such as the solution’s unique value proposition, its potential for scalability and growth, its impact on recruitment efficiency and effectiveness, and the level of customer satisfaction.

26. Best Payroll Software

Back in the good old days, employees received a cheque at the end of the month, and if they were lucky, a pay slip. How times have changed – salary, commission, bonus, flexible benefits, tax, leave, expenses, time and attendance, plus the need for self-service capabilities, cloud-based accessibility, and multiple layers of security, have all conspired to make a smart payroll package an essential item for all companies. The winners of this award are the companies which have developed the most intuitive and most valuable payroll system.

27. Best Performance Management System

An effective performance management system plays a critical role in evaluating the productivity and competence levels of employees. This award celebrates the best performance management systems with the most intricately thought-out programmes and activities utilising the latest technologies available in the market to come up with an all-encompassing performance management system for HR professionals and their organisations.