HR Vendors of the Year 2023 | Entry guidelines

How to Enter?

Submitting your entries is simple and completely online. To ensure that your entries are submitted successfully and are given the attention they deserve, please download these two documents before you proceed:

Please download these documents before you proceed:

  • Entry Guidelines – this will guide you through the submission process. It contains key judging criteria for each category which you will be judged upon.
  • Entry Submission Templates – please create your entry submission documents with the exact templates provided without altering/ deleting the words in header, marks will be deducted otherwise. Refrain from using your own document style with your company branding.
  • Judges have the authority to mark you down for failure to adhere to the overall word/page limit for the entry.
  • You may enter in multiple relevant categories, but please ensure each entry submission form is tailored to the specific category to increase your chances of winning.
  • All entries, supporting documents, and required items can be submitted via the “I’m Ready to Enter” link at the bottom of this page.
  • Please ensure that all details you enter into the Entry Details are CONSISTENT with the details on the Core Submission Document you upload.
  • Upon submission deadline, all entry details, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and CANNOT be changed and / or transferred to another party.
  • Entrants are strongly encouraged to gather all entry materials like photos, videos and charts before starting the entry process.
  • Please include an event photo or image that represents your entry in your submission that can be used on all marketing material, awards presentation, and in the magazine etc.

Once you’re ready to go, all entries can be submitted via the below “I’m Ready to Enter” link.

Submission Deadline

Deadline of entry submission will be closed on 18 August 2023, 6:00pm.

Judging Criteria

Please refer to the specific category criteria listed in the Entry Guidelines to understand the key areas that the judges will be scoring your entry on.

Your entry submission document should NOT exceed the maximum required numbers of slides. Please provide evidences to support and address each of the criteria points outlined in the ‘judging criteria’ section n the Entry Guidelines

* Please ensure each area is fully covered in order to achieve your highest possible score.


  • Tell us how well your company/solution(s) have performed in the eligible period.
  • What are the measurable metrics/statistics that determines the success of your business strategies/products related to the category?
  • Why did your clients choose to re-engage/engage you?
  • How has this collaboration/partnership transformed your business front for both parties?  


  • Elaborate more about your product(s)/service(s).
  • Tell us how they stand out from others in the eligible period. What makes this significant and unique?
  • Explain how your products/services help to fill the gaps for your clients.
  • Why they are important in the HR industry?


  • Describe how you have succeeded in managing people.
  • What makes your engagements significant and unique?
  • How has your management team driven the overall business strategy?
  • Tell us about your talent management strategies which led to such success.


  • Tell us about the vision behind your business strategies
  • To what extent does your service/product help to build organizational capability?
  • How is your company perceived as an industry leader? Describe more on your company’s contribution in the eligible period.
  • All categories are open to any HR solution providers based in *North Asia region. The organisations may be listed, privately held, government-owned or NGOs.
  • All programmes/campaigns/systems/initiatives must have been implemented and carried out for the local office/market in *North Asia.
  • All programmes/campaigns/systems/initiative should have demonstrable results from the years of 2022-2023. Initiatives or strategies developed and implemented prior to this period are also eligible, provided the impact/results were measured during the eligibility period.
  • Please note that work submitted for last year’s VOTY awards cannot be resubmitted for this year’s event, unless with new elements added.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries an organisation may submit. Organisations may submit the same programme in multiple categories. However, when submitting multiple entries, you are strongly recommended to tailor them based on the requirements of each category.
  • *Eligible regions & countries include: China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Macau and Taiwan.
Fees & Payment

Entry fee:
HK$1, 580 per entry (per category)

Payment method

  • Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex.
  • For payments made by cheque and bank transfer, they are welcome for amounts over HK$10, 000. An invoice will be sent to you upon confirmation of your entry submission.

* All entry fees are non-refundable. Trophy is not included in the entry fees.

Terms & Conditions
  • All entry fees are non-refundable.
  • Entries will not be considered for judging if payment is not received within five working days upon being invoiced, if invoice is required before payment.
  • By submitting the entry, the entrants guarantee that all the works/information submitted are TRUE and ACCURATE. Human Resources Online reserves the right to verify any information submitted in the entry.
  • Upon submission deadline, all details on the entry submission form, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and CANNOT be changed and/or transferred to another party. Details will be reflected on the website, trophy (presented on the awards night, should you win) and/or any other awards-related materials. Any changes made after submission will be charged 10% of the submission fee.
  • Also, please ensure that all details are submitted in ENGLISH only.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • Without prior notice, Human Resources Online reserves the right to merge categories or dissolve any categories should it be deemed necessary. Should a category or categories be dissolved, entries in that category/categories will be notified.
  • Finalists need to be present, or appoint a representative to be present, at the awards gala dinner in order to receive their trophy(ies) in case they win.
  • Please refer to the full terms & conditions in the Entry Guidelines.
  • Finalists may be featured in Human Resources Online, including but not limited to online channels, offline collaterals and on-site communications, using information from the entries.
  • The entrant agrees that Human Resources Online or Lighthouse Independent Media will not accept responsibility for errors or omissions reproduced in the presentation of the HR Vendors of the Year Awards, in Human Resources Online, or for work lost or corrupted under any circumstances.
  • Any specific information or content intended for judging purposes only and NOT for republishing must be clearly indicated in red font or highlighted in red. Such information and content will not be shared in any way and privy for judging panel who will also maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Lighthouse Independent Media and Human Resources Online reserve the rights to use photos, videos or interviews of members of your team or company inclusive of your logo/s, free of any royalty or license.