Employee Experience Awards 2022


19 July 2024, Jakarta

HR Excellence Awards Key Dates (Indonesia)

Celebrating 6 Years of HR Excellence!

Honouring Indonesia’s Finest HR Achievements

Welcome to the 6th Annual HR Excellence Awards Indonesia 2024, a remarkable platform dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging exceptional accomplishments and innovations within the dynamic landscape of human resources management in Indonesia.

As we mark this significant milestone, our 2024 edition promises to be an exquisite showcase of the most transformative HR strategies, pioneering policies, and groundbreaking initiatives that have left an indelible mark on employee engagement, organizational prowess, and overall business triumph.

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Boasting 39 meticulously curated categories, the HR Excellence Awards continues to be the definitive gathering point for HR luminaries and industry visionaries. It’s where they convene, establish invaluable connections, and pay homage to Indonesia’s elite organisations, the architects of HR brilliance.

Join us in this grand celebration of your HR team’s relentless dedication and the extraordinary feats achieved over the past year.

What’s new in 2023?

Excellence in Agile Talent Mobility

Excellence in AI-Powered HR Solutions

Excellence in Cross-Generational Workforce Engagement

Excellence in Employee Advocacy and Brand Ambassadors

You have until 22 March 2024 to complete and submit your entries.



Honouring the best-in class HR teams, and individuals, for their spectacular work executed across the entire HR function, the awards show aims to bring together talented HR professionals as one force to champion the way forward.

This is also the region’s only HR awards that is peer-reviewed by a jury of esteemed HR practitioners.

This year we will dive deeper into the quality of work put forth to the esteemed jury and narrow down Asia’s most commendable teams- so start preparing your entries early!

Add your name to the HR Excellence Awards hall of fame:

Create a buzz around your deserving work

Blowing your own trumpet as some might say, but this is about giving yourself a pat on the back and recognising a job well done. Boost your team morale and prove your worth to the business.

Pause from the hustle and bustle to look back at your milestones

Wow! You have weathered through all the storms – internal restructuring, getting buy-in from management for budget approval, or even COVID-19 – and you have never shrugged your responsibilities as a business partner.

As you prepare your entries, take this time to regroup as a team and look back on your journey and achievements over the past year.

Inspire and lead through change

Dare to be different. It begins with leading with the right mindset as this will be the best source of motivation that will help redefine your team’s purpose, acknowledge the contributions of your team members and pave the path for greater heights.

Build a legacy bigger than you can imagine

Nothing comes easy without hard work. Be recognised and credited for being the trailblazer that sets you apart from the rest.

Opening endless opportunities

A testament to your hard work, resilience and grit, participating in the awards will open endless opportunities to further grow and nurture your team, for great employer branding. Be known as being part of an award-winning team (or individual) and add it to your list of achievements!

Panel of Judges

For judging opportunities, please contact Shan Ee, Senior Regional Events Producer at  shanee@humanresourcesonline.net or
+65 6423 0329 (Ext 219)

2023 Panel of Judges

Andreas	Purnawan

Andreas Purnawan

Group Head Human Capital Services

ABM Group

Nur Rochim Achmad

Nur Rochim Achmad

Human Capital General Manager

Agro Boga Utama

 Anton Hendrianto

Anton Hendrianto

Head of Human Capital Strategy & Development

Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Anita Kristiana

Anita Kristiana

Head of Human Capital Division


2023 Finalist

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