1. Keep it simple
Be clear and specific. Ensure your entry is concise and easy to explain, provide background to outline your objectives and strategy. Give specific examples – facts, not fluff – and avoid jargon. Answer the question precisely by breaking up the various sections to further specific questions rather than submitting a generic entry.
2. A clear format
Structure your entry by using only the entry form provided to you. Stick to word count per section. Avoid using any form of organisational branding. Creating a narrative format will help secure the judges’ attention.
3. Supply evidence
Provide solid evidence against the criteria. Spell it out – avoid vague generalisations. To give your entry the best possible chance include HR measures such as employee turnover or cost of employee absence, as well as business measures, such as customer service or profitability. Can you prove a causal link? Has absence dropped because of your well being initiative or is it due to lower job security in uncertain economic times?
4. Present a strong business case
Try to relate your service to the requirements of the business – how did it support the business and what was the return on investment? Tell the judges what business problem you were trying to resolve and how your solution helped in commercial terms. Show how the initiative was done by HR for the business, not for HR. Keep timescales in mind regarding certain initiatives.
5. Start early!
Always proof read. Spelling mistakes and typos can ruin an otherwise sound entry. You’ll be surprised how many judges have bemoaned entries that are simply confusing and complex. Give yourself plenty of time to put together a really solid entry. Don’t leave it too late and be forced to rush something – start now.

Submission – once you’re ready to go, all entries can be submitted via our entry submission page. If you need help with your entry submission or a boost while preparing your entries, reach out to our friendly Project Managers Adrian Ray  or Sandra Rones .


Good luck with your entries – we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!