About the Awards

The #HRExcellenceAwards story

The awards show was first established in 2013 to provide an incubator platform for HR teams to showcase their HR strategies and initiatives. Over the years, the show has evolved from showcasing to a benchmarking practice across industries.

Fundamentally, the ideology underpinning the awards remains the same: Honouring best-in-class HR teams and individuals for their spectacular work executed across the entire HR function. It aims to bring together talented HR professionals as one force to champion the way forward.

This is also the region’s only HR awards that is peer-reviewed by a jury of esteemed HR practitioners.

This year we will dive deeper into the quality of work put forth to the esteemed jury and narrow down Asia’s most commendable teams- so star preparing your entries early!


Beyond a night of celebrating sheer HR excellence, walk away with real value such as:


Identify loopholes in your HR strategy

We know it is not easy to always have an ace team as employees are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. Take this opportunity to work on strengthening your strategies as highlighted by industry leaders.

Grow your brand beyond the shores of Singapore

Always think bigger as this will keep you on your toes with an eye to growing. With Human Resources Online being the top media platform, leverage on us to extend your brand awareness to APAC and beyond!

Long-term strategic planning

Unlike a one-off participation, many past years’ attendees view this awards show as an indication of their yearly growth as a team. Mark milestones that will help you chart your progression towards your desired goal.

Instil confidence in your business stakeholders

As Benjamin Franklin once mentioned, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. By participating in the awards, you are assuring your business stakeholders that you are truly confident in the business value you provide.


An honest and reputable judging process

Validate your team’s efforts by respected jury members who are industry experts from reputable organisations, with strong credentials who possess a wealth of cross-functional, cross-industry and even geographical experience.