Award categories

1. Excellence in HR change management

This award recognises and celebrates highly responsive HR teams that lead large scale organisational changes to build an agile workforce by focusing on capability building and organisational development. 

2. Excellence in HR innovation

This award honors and identifies teams that embark on a different way of doing the same things, new ways of doing things or a new innovative method all together while aiming to drive low cost and increase productivity.

3. Excellence in employer branding

This category is on the lookout for organisations with a well-established and thoughtfully crafted employer brand that stands out in the fierce competition for top talent.

4. Excellence in workplace culture

This award recognises HR teams that have purposefully and consciously shaped their company’s culture to provide a positive, open and adaptive environment for their employees to thrive in.

5. Excellence in talent acquisition

Judges will be looking for innovative and effective talent acquisition strategies that not only help fill vacancies but also focus on long-term human resources planning in order to crown the winners of this category.

6. Excellence in graduate recruitment and development

The most effective graduate training programme that churns out capable, well-trained and agile young leaders who will be high potential contributers will be the one to prevail in this category.

7. Excellence in total rewards strategy

Thoughtful, holistic and cost-effective total rewards programmes that effectively weave together C&B, flexibility and employee recognition to drive business growth that aids to win the war for talent will win this category.

8. Excellence in workplace wellbeing

This award recognises workplace wellbeing programmes that have been carefully designed to promote a company culture that is safe and open alongside supportive colleagues and smart benefits. 

9. Excellence in learning and development

In this category, judges are looking for innovative L&D programmes that are well structured, with a proven record of achieving their talent development objectives effectively.

10. Excellence in leadership development

This award recognises HR teams that have devised clear, measurable and high impact leadership programmes that identify and develop authentic high potentials who are agile to dynamic business conditions.

11. Excellence in employee engagement

Judges will be on the lookout for robust communication channels alongside employee feedback, empowerment and enablement, which form the building blocks of programmes that foster engagement.

12. Excellence in employee work-life balance

Conflict between work and other responsibilities can diminish the quality of both work and personal life for employees. This award celebrates organisations committed to raising the quality of life and professional excellence as a healthy and engaged workforce boosts business results.

13. Excellence in corporate wellness

Workplace wellness is an investment to ensure successful sustenance of healthy lifestyles as a core value amongst employees. This category honours organisations for positioning wellness programmes as a strategic business opportunity and creating a positive environment to empower employees to lead healthy lives.

14. Excellence in CSR Strategy

This category honours organisations that are inspiring role models through their impactful CSR framework. The CSR programme demonstrates the organisation’s leadership, sincerity and ongoing commitment in incorporating ethical values into their business model.

15.Excellence in diversity and inclusion

This award celebrates the remarkable work of organisations that demonstrate continuous commitment to creating and supporting an open environment that includes cultural, gender, physically disabled and other minority groups.

16. Excellence in Innovative use of HR Tech

Judges will be scrutinising how HR analytics and big data captured from technology can help accelerate business productivity and performance by building a holistic and high impact HR operating model.

17. Excellence in HR communication strategy

Winners of this category capitalise on the array of communication channels available, including social media and other innovative practices, to effectively recaliberate the business model by transforming the transactional relationship with employees.

18. Excellence in talent management

This award honours employers who manage the professional welfare of employees throughout their full life cycle from recruitment to retirement, pushing boundaries of people strategy.

19. Excellence in Crisis Management and Recovery

This category recognises organisations that have taken the lead in the fields of crisis management, business continuity planning, and recovery. Entries that detail how the HR team has proactively identified the crisis, crafted out phases of the business continuity plan, implemented the strategy and tracked the progress will stand out – all while keeping employees motivated, engaged and safe.

20. Employer of the year

If your organisation demonstrates excellence in strategic planning, recruitment, rewards, learning, HR tech and all other HR disciplines then you should be in the running for being crowned employer of the year.

21. Excellence in women empowerment strategy

This prestigious award aims to honour and recognise organisations that champion greater gender diversity at every level in the workplace by consciously building a safe working space that enables female empowerment, promotion of women in key management positions and room for flexibility to accommodate womens’ needs.

22. Excellence in HR team collaboration

This award is given to the most outstanding HR team that has achieved exceptional results in key considerations such as team morale and engagement, teamwork and cohesiveness, which has led to a direct contribution to the organisation’s business strategy and its results.

23. Excellence in retention strategy

This award recognises excellence in maintaining employees in a highly competitive HR landscape while keeping the attrition rate at a low level, ensuring minimal business impact.

24. Excellence in business transformation

This category recognises HR teams that have completed a successful people-focused business transformation programme(s). The programme(s) must respond to a required business case that needs change and the criteria will focus on key areas such as communication challenges, implementation and measurement.

25. Excellence in workforce integration

Companies that excel in effectively managing and bridging the gap of a multi-generational workforce to promote collaboration to attain business goals through effective programmes will win this award.

26. Young HR talent of the year – individual winner category

This award recognises the game-changing HR leader of the future who has already made a big impact on their organisation with the resilience and capability to weather the storm whilst adding value to the organisation’s performance.

27. Most people-focused CEO - individual winner category

This category is on the lookout for a top performing CEO who demonstrates excellent commitment to the HR function as a strategic business objective and also values open and continuous support to put people first.

28. HR leader of the year – individual winner category

The winner of this category should not only be a transformational leader but also passionate in ensuring HR’s value is recognised at top management while striving to continually improve policies for better business outcomes.

29. HR Manager of the Year - individual winner category

The winner is someone who is innovative and driving change for overall improvement, and is able to align the business goals with the workforce needs while having a vast knowledge of HR practices and business issues.