Marking a decade of distinction, the HR Vendors of the Year Awards stands as the premier platform propelling excellence, innovation, and best practices within Malaysia’s dynamic HR landscape.

Whether your expertise lies in recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, coaching, staff management, HR administration, corporate culture, corporate well-being, leadership, or any facet in between, this event is your opportunity to broadcast your commitment to business excellence to clients, top talents, and industry competitors.


With an expanded roster of 36 categories this year, we are thrilled to spotlight Malaysia’s most dependable and proficient partners and solution providers. Take center stage and demonstrate your prowess as you contribute to our mission of acknowledging excellence, fostering best practices, and inspiring innovation throughout the broader HR industry!

What’s new in 2024?

BestEmployee Communication Analytics

Best Employee Feedback and Recognition Platform

BestEmployee Learning Content Library

BestGig Workforce Management Platforms

BestRemote Work Solutions Provider

Clinch your spot as the market’s leading HR solution provider.

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What does the #HRVOTYAwards mean?

Beyond a night of celebration, and one which creates memories, this awards show serves its purpose to highlight the trail blazers that have enabled and empowered HR to achieve above and beyond expectations.

Four reasons you will fit right in as a strong contender

Cement your industry expert status

In the #HRVOTYAwards special print edition that doubles as a best-in-class directory, why wouldn’t you ensure your inclusion? This is the platform to show seasoned HR practitioners that you are the go-to solution provider in your field, so take advantage of it!

Recognition for quality output

Strength isn’t in numbers, it’s a test of your capabilities and quality of deliverables. Making it to the VOTY shortlist is true validation of your hard work and commitment to excellence.

Be part of your client’s strategic planning process

Winning is secondary, but always being top-of-mind for your future and prospective clients is primary. Being a part of the special edition and an award-winning solution provider will help increase your brand awareness and recall, attract talent and reinforce client confidence that they’ve chosen the right partner.

Dare to disrupt and change mindsets

If you’ve made innovative and groundbreaking contributions to the HR function, this is the place to show it.

Do it for your team!

Participating and attending the awards is a great way to reward your team for their success and hard work. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt attract top talent!

Entries will close on 14 June 2024 so start your entry today!

Panel of Judges

For judging opportunities, please contact Shan Ee, Senior Regional Events Producer, on +65 6423 0329 (Ext 219) or email shanee@humanresourcesonline.net.


We would like to thank our past judges for their time and effort in 2023

Syukri Sudari

Syukri Sudari

Chief People Officer

Affin Bank
Shaun Perumal

Shaun Perumal

Chief Human Resource Officer

Sharan Pademhanaban

Sharan Pademhanaban

Head of Human Capital

Bata (Malaysia)
Valerie Wan

Valerie Wan

Group Head of Talent Management

Biomed Global

2023 Finalist

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