Award categories

1. Best Staffing Firm

This category honors recruitment firms that best supply their clients with high caliber entry-level, clerical and junior talent in temporary and permanent positions across industries.

2. Best Mid-Management Recruitment Firm

This category is dedicated to recruitment firms that scour the landscape to find mid-level talent for their clients, be in the form of specialised individual contributors, team leaders, or managers.

3. Best Executive Search Firm

This category recognises Executive Search Firms that partner with clients to assess and acquire talent for senior-level and executive jobs.

4. Best Psychometric Testing Provider

Companies that successfully provide insights into a candidate’s personality and future behaviour on a consistent basis will take home this award.

5. Best Leadership Development Consultancy

The winners of this award will be the consultancies which best help their clients consistently develop the next generation of leaders.

6. Best Employee Engagement Consultancy

The winners of this award help to identify the motivation and enablers that keep employees happy and satisfied in their jobs.

7. Best Corporate Wellness Provider

Winners in this category are companies that do an affirmative job in keeping their clients’ workforces healthy through their products and services.

8. Best Corporate Healthcare Provider

This category recognises solution providers who treat employees with all sorts of ailments, thus, helping to reduce company costs arising from high employee absenteeism due to poor health.

9. Best Relocation Company

This award looks out for organisations that will both delight expat staff and reduce the burden on their clients’ HR and mobility departments when it comes to physical transportation.

10. Best Management Training Provider

Judges are on the look out for providers who holistically train, groom and engage managers to build essential capabilities and skill sets needed to effectively run teams.

11. Best Sales Training Provider

This category honours sales training providers that deliver exceptional training, creating a highly productive sales culture focusing on critical selling skills such as negotiation and emotional intelligence to drive a higher profit margin and sales acceleration.

12. Best Team Building Provider

This category recognises organisations that transform groups of employees into high performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively and achieve fantastic results.

13. Best Digital Learning Provider

Organisations that offer a way of knowledge sharing, performance enhancement and better stakeholder management through e-learning and mobile multi-platforms that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational custom learning solutions, tailored to engage and provide flexible learning on-the-go will win in this category. 

14. Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Winners of this category are organisations that deliver bottom-line value for their clients through payroll outsourcing which allows HR to focus on management and strategic issues.

15. Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner

Organisations which clearly take the administrative recruitment work off their clients’ while performing the required job at top quality will win this category.

16. Best HR Outsourcing Partner

This category honours organisations with the capability to supply a comprehensive and customisable service of HR professionals that fits the business needs of their clients seamlessly.

17. Best Payroll Software

The winners are organisations that have developed the most intuitive and valuable payroll systems that meet the needs of their clients.

18. Best Applicant Tracking Software

Judges are on the look out for a holistic and comprehensive ATS package that saves both time and effort while unlocking value for its customers. Winners have an inclusive and well-rounded process that helps narrow the best-suited applicant fit for the role.

19. Best HR Management System

Companies that understand their client’s need for a consistent and centralised control and thereby offer an all-encompassing end-to-end HR management system which includes all HR technology modules will standout in this category. 

20. Best Executive Coaching Provider

This award recognises the best executive coaching providers who are committed to continuously engage and inspire executives.

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