Entry Categories

1. Excellence in Change Management

This award recognises and celebrates the HR teams which have embraced social, political and industrial changes and successfully implemented strategic plans to address the transformation. In this category, judges will be looking for bold plans expertly implemented to achieve agility within the organisation, as well as how well the HR teams managed the internal communication within the organisation while implementing and managing the change process.

2. Excellence in Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits is one of the most complicated areas of HR management. Managing competing objectives of attracting and retaining talent, while staying in control of costs is a tough balance to maintain. And keeping everyone satisfied with benefits is always a challenge. This award recognises the compensation and benefits strategies which best align HR goals with organisational objectives.

3. Excellence in CSR Strategy

This category honours organisations which incorporate CSR into their overall HR strategy and encourages employees to be a part of CSR initiatives. Judges will be looking for CSR programmes that have made a positive difference to HR metrics as well as business objectives.

4. Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

Variety and diversity can only be beneficial to an organisation. This category recognises organisations with well-rounded HR strategies which foster a diverse work environment and aim at integrating each individual into the company. Examples are gender programmes/networks for minority groups/LGBT/physically disabled/etc. This award recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion and celebrates the HR teams that do it best.

5. Excellence in Employee Development

Recognises HR strategies and programmes with a clear and personalised development plan for each employee from training to career development. Judges will look at how the strategies and programmes enhanced the professional as well as the personal growth of the employees.

6. Excellence in Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged can significantly increase their productivity and the overall performance of an organisation. Not only that, it can also greatly improve staff retention rates. In this category, judges will look at how engagement programmes are fostered and how they made a significant difference to the organisation.

7. Excellence in Employee Wellbeing (NEW)

This award celebrates initiatives which improve employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Companies are becoming more aware of the impact of poor health on business performance and productivity, and are constantly strengthening their practices to provide the best assistance and support. This category looks for the best employee wellbeing programmes that generate visible progress in promoting employee physical and mental health.

8. Excellence in Employee Work-Life Balance

This award recognises programmes which help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. The programme strives to increase employee satisfaction, and subsequently, productivity and performance. Examples of programmes are flexi-work hours, maternity/paternity programmes, recreation facilities, leave benefits, and more.

9. Excellence in Employer Branding

A strong employer brand means the organisation will stand a higher chance in recruiting and retaining high calibre candidates and the most promising employees. It’s an essential part in showcasing the organisation’s hard work in providing a desirable workplace and employment package. This award recognises and celebrates the HR teams which create a strong employer brand and effectively leverage that brand to add value to the organisation.

10. Excellence in Global and Local HR Strategies

Business is expanding and crossing borders, both on geographic and cultural levels. How does HR create and keep to global standards to facilitate talent mobility and be consistent with corporate frameworks, while at the same time localising the programmes to recruit, develop and retain local talent? Judges will be looking at how agile and flexible these HR strategies are to be global in scale, and local in implementation.

11. Excellence in Graduate Recruitment/Development

This award honours the organisation which has a sound graduate development plan, starting from the recruitment process, to the training and evaluation process of the graduates. Organisations that practise graduate recruitment and/or development get a head start in the talent management stakes. In this category, judges will look for innovative programmes that successfully recruit bright fresh graduates and/or transform them to high-potential contributors.

12. Excellence in HR Digitalisation

Digital technologies have radically changed the way we do things and the work of HR is no exception. This category recognises those who have embraced the digital revolution and implemented revolutionary initiatives, campaigns or tools that drive forward HR innovations and unlocks the potential of the team and the organisation as a whole. Judges will look at how HR teams have used the digital revolution as an opportunity to contribute to the bottom line of the organisation and how the implementation changed and will potentially change the organisation.

13. Excellence in HR Strategic Plan

Recognises the HR team that has driven and implemented the most innovative and successful strategic plan. In this category, judges will be looking for the outline of the project within the past 12-18 months that relates to the strategic plan, including timelines of the project, evidence of the drivers behind the strategic plan and clear communication of the strategy purpose with evidence of outstanding execution and project management that demonstrated outcomes that met or exceeded planned business objectives.

14. Excellence in HR Structure Transformation

With business models evolving, HR professionals are looking into ways to improve the HR structure. The structure should be aligned with business goals and corporate philosophy, and how strategic planning was used to transform this structure. In this category, judges will be looking into well-designed approaches to transform the HR structure, and how they improved the HR function of governance and operations.

15. Excellence in Innovative Use of HR Tech

Technology allows HR professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on high-value strategic issues. So being an early adopter of HR tech and using it in a smart way makes a lot of sense. In this category, judges will be on the look out for HR teams which use HR tech in an innovative way to improve their HR departments and their organisations.

16. Excellence in Leadership Development

This category recognises the importance of leadership development and celebrates the HR teams with the best leadership development programmes. Awards of this category will go to the HR teams which successfully recognise, reward, nurture and promote talent from within the organisation. Entrants will have to provide a leadership development plan, training processes, and the support provided that helped potential leaders transition to a management position.

17. Excellence in Learning & Development

Learning and development is all about improving the performance from individual employees to the team, department and the organisation as a whole. But there are other benefits, including efficiency gains, staff retention and employee engagement. In this category, judges will be looking for innovative L&D programmes that hit their objectives and contribute to the organisation’s bottom line.

18. Excellence in Organisation Development

Organisation development is an essential part of a sustainable business. This category recognises organisations that are able to understand the latest trends in the business environment and identify the organisations’ potential and challenges. Judges will look at how strategic and systematic plans are implemented to achieve sustainable organisation development.

19. Excellence in Social Media

Smart HR teams have discovered that social media opens up lots of opportunities in recruitment, internal communications, employee engagement and many other areas. This award recognises and celebrates the most “social” HR team which uses social media to achieve its goals.

20. Excellence in Talent Acquisition

Talent scarcity has forced companies to innovate and experiment with new techniques and give a lot of focus on budgets for finding the right employees. Judges will look for smart and effective talent acquisition programmes that not only fill vacancies, but also raise candidate quality. In addition, judges will also look for evidence of innovation and bottom-line contributions through enhanced recruitment.

21. Excellence in Talent Management

Managing employees in the context of their full life cycle – from recruitment to retirement – is the most comprehensive path to effective workforce management. All organisations do bits and pieces, but which employers have truly holistic talent management strategies? This award recognises the importance of genuine talent management and celebrates the best all-encompassing programmes.

22. Excellence in Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is at the heart of an organisation. It is as important as your business goals because of its ability to either strengthen or challenge your business goals. In your entry, please tell us what central values are important to your company; how do you share them with your team; how do your cultural values impact your day-to-day operations; and how do your functional values affect the business.

23. Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing

This award goes to the organisation which provides the best workplace environment for its employees. Judges will look at how conducive and healthy the workplace is, and how it ultimately helps employees perform better.

24. HR Rising Star of the Year

Asia has more than its fair share of young high performers in their late 20s and 30s who have been in HR for less than five years and are punching well above their weight and doing great things. If you have one on your team, give your rising star the right recognition with this award. In this category, judges will be looking for dedication, career progression and brilliant execution.

25. HR Entrepreneur of the Year (NEW)

Our actions, behaviour and opinions produce an effect on others. To harness this power and transform it to be a positive encouragement/boost/mentor to your team based on the clear corporate vision and team culture, is an excellent trait of an HR entrepreneur. Judges will be looking for HR professionals who showcase credibility, consistency and capabilities to whom they are mentoring, and how strong and rewarding that impact can be.

26. HR Innovative Team of the Year

HR innovators are those who know about and actively practise new ideas or the latest insights in HR practices. They embrace changes and novelty, and are passionate to create and enforce new strategies to improve HR initiatives. Judges will be looking at how innovative are those new approaches from these teams, and how they made a difference in our current setting.

27. HR Rising Team of the Year (NEW)

This category celebrates the great progress showcased by new/growing HR teams. Judges will look into the achievements or progress in areas such as team size, team performance/achievements, employee engagement and satisfaction, etc. Programmes/initiatives that generate that progress and the results and efficiency will be considered.

28. HR Team of the Year

Awarded to the outstanding HR team that has achieved exceptional results in key considerations such as team morale and engagement, teamwork and cohesiveness, the team’s contribution to the organisation’s business strategy and its implementation of specific HR initiatives. Judges will be looking at the implementation and outcomes of HR strategies/solutions that make a team entitled to be HR Team of the Year.

29. Employer of the Year

Which organisation is the best employer across all areas of HR? Which organisation can demonstrate excellence in strategic planning, recruitment, rewards, learning, HR tech and all other HR disciplines? The mantle of Employer of the Year is awarded to the organisation which secures the most votes from the judges, and meets the high standards set by the awards jury and the Human Resources’ editorial team.