Award categories

1. Best Compensation & Benefits Consultancy

Employees are in control of today’s talent market and it means that compensation, benefits and rewards strategies have been elevated to a much higher priority. Compensation and benefits consultants provide HR professionals with the data they need to build competitive packages that don’t break the business, and also advise on how to structure and communicate remuneration policies – a complicated task which only gets more difficult when rolled out across multiple markets and tax jurisdictions. The winners of this award are the companies that provide the best insights and advice to clients.

2. Best Corporate Wellness Service Provider

With the rising cost of healthcare, many companies have found that prevention (keeping staff healthy) is cheaper than the cure (healing them when they’re sick). In some cases, the cost of company-sponsored nutrition, exercise and ergonomic office design reduces spend on doctors, hospitals and insurance (not to mention the cost of absenteeism and low productivity). The winners will be the companies who do the best job of keeping their clients’ workforces healthy which in turn adds value to the bottom line.

3. Best Employee Engagement Services Provider

Teams that work together with genuine team spirit are the teams which perform the best and deliver the most value to their companies. Sometimes team spirit sparks by itself, but most of the time it requires hard work and smart techniques. The winners of this category are the team building specialists that are consistently able to transform groups of employees into high-performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively and achieve fantastic results.

4. Best Executive Training Provider

With fluctuating market conditions, it is critical to equip ourselves with the right guidance to lead our employees in the right direction. This award recognises the cream of the crop. The best executive coaching providers are those that are well-equipped to continuously engage and inspire executives. They are able to create the optimal learning experience through effective training, allowing executives to integrate what they have learnt into their day-to-day workload to deliver on performance.

5. Best HR Outsourcing Service Provider

An HR outsourcing service provider plays an important role in yielding the essential resource of allocating professional HR assistance without the client having to invest expenses into hiring a full in-house HR team. The best HR outsourcing service provider is one with the capability to supply a comprehensive and customisable service of HR professionals that fit the business needs of its clients seamlessly.

6. Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner

One of the keys to advancing the HR function is the ability of HR professionals to free themselves of administrative HR tasks which enable them to focus on strategic HR management issues. Outsourcing payroll to a reliable third party is a godsend for many companies and the winner of this award is the company that best delivers bottom-line value for its clients as a result of taking on and improving payroll administration.

7. Best Leadership Development Consultant

From functional leads to business unit heads, all the way to the C-Suite, leaders who come from within the company are much more likely to succeed than if they are recruited externally. Therefore, plan A is always to identify the organisation’s high potentials, keep them in the company and develop them into leaders. This doesn’t happen by itself and increasingly even the best managed companies turn to leadership development consultants for help. The winners of this category are the consultancies which best help their clients consistently develop the next generation of leaders.

8. Best Mobility & Orientation Consultant

Navigating the logistical challenges involved in shipping containers full of household items is one thing, getting relocated staff settled in their new city and back to work with minimal business disruption is another. The best mobility and orientation consultants prepare the relocated manager for changes in the culture before the move – taking care of immigration administration, working out tax issues, providing advice on banking and other legal and statutory requirements and getting the expat executive into the office ASAP. The winners of this award best exemplify these traits.

9. Best Organisational Development Consultant

To thrive in the ever-changing business world, companies are refining and retooling their talent pool on a regular basis to keep themselves relevant and competitive. The winners of this category need to provide key insights in advising companies on talent management, change management, business process redesign and customised training.

10. Best Relocation Company

Relocating key staff across the world has become commonplace, but that doesn’t mean the physical transportation of personal effects has become any less complicated. Layered on top of the logistical challenges are the human factor ensuring the assignee and their families are able to adapt to their new environment. The winners of this award are the firms which are able to delight expat staff and reduce the administrative burden on the HR department of the client company.

11. Best Pension Provider

In a few Asian markets, governments play a leading role in retirement planning, while in other markets pensions are largely managed by the private sector. Regardless of country-specific laws and government policy, financial services firms play an important role in retirement planning and in helping HR professionals add attractive corporate retirement and pension elements to their employees’ benefits packages. The winners of this category are the financial services firms which best help companies offer pension solutions to their staff.

12. Best Sales Training Provider

There are sales people who have the gift of the gab and then there are true sales professionals who understand how to get their clients to open up, who appreciate the value of listening and really provide their clients with the products and services they need within set budgets. True sales professionals consistently exceed their targets and drive the revenue performance of their companies. The winners of this category are the companies that are in the business of transforming friendly and chatty sales people into high-performing sales professionals.

13. Best Team Building Venue

Deciding where to hold the team building session is often just as important as deciding which training will take place. Sometimes the company conference room or office pantry area is fine, but in most cases team building is more effective when it takes place off site at a neutral venue. Winners consistently deliver the best team building venues which encourage communication, creativity and confidence within set budgets.

14. Best Contract Staffing Solution Agency

Contract roles are gaining popularity among employers as more employees are looking for more flexible arrangements. The winners of this category need to demonstrate the ability to provide cost-effective and efficient contract hiring or solutions to help employers fulfil their talent needs.

15. Best Cross-Border Recruitment Agency

In today’s globalised economy, more companies are planning to expand their businesses to markets outside of their home country, but cultural differences remain a major challenge. The winners of this category need to be equipped with an extensive global talent network and demonstrate the ability to execute cross-border hiring projects and close cultural gaps.

16. Best Permanent Roles Recruitment Agency

Hiring loyal staff is the key to enhancing productivity and reducing hiring costs. The winners of this category demonstrate excellence in placing candidates who are prepared to stay long term in an organisation.

17. Best New Recruitment Solution Provider

It isn’t just the big organisations that are able to make an impact in the recruitment business; industry newcomers which have proven that they are reputable and profitable can also be recognised. This award will go to the best all-rounder which has been in business for not more than five years, but has managed to deliver exemplary value and quantifiable results similar to those of the big providers.

18. Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner

Having a reliable recruitment partner goes a long way in building a competent workforce for a company. The winners of this category have excellence in providing cost-effective hiring programmes while being able to provide quality candidates with high retention rates.

19. Best Recruitment Firm – Banking and Financial Services

Banking and finance is one of the pillar industries of Hong Kong, with a strong demand for talent. The winners of this category need to demonstrate a strong talent network and deep understanding of the talent challenges in the financial sector.

20. Best Recruitment Firm – Candidate Engagement

Keeping candidates happy and satisfied is the key to becoming a trusted consultancy by candidates. The winners of this category are equipped with a reliable methodology in sourcing and maintaining active and passive job seekers. They are also excellent in connecting with candidates through digital, social media and referral means.

21. Best Recruitment Firm – Engineering, Property & Construction

The winners of this category have professional knowledge in the industry that can best serve the client’s needs, along with a strong reach.

22. Best Recruitment Firm – Hospitality

The success of the hospitality industry lies in having dedicated individuals who are proud to serve. The winners of this category are able to provide employers with a deep talent pool to choose from and show they have a good understanding of the talent needs of the sector.

23. Best Recruitment Firm – Human Resources

The HR department is no longer considered an administrative function – HR professionals are strategic partners of the business. The winners of this category are the best at providing efficient and high-quality recruitment services, demonstrating professional knowledge in the HR function to help clients recruit HR talent they need, while having a strong candidate network.

24. Best Recruitment Firm – Retail

As one of the biggest employers in Hong Kong, the talent demand for the retail sector is closely related to the economic outlook of the city. The winners of this category have the ability to source talent with efficiency, have a deep understanding of the talent demand of the local retail market and a strong candidate network.

25. Best Recruitment Firm – Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Logistics

As a major port, logistics have long been one of the major contributors to Hong Kong’s economy. The winners of this category need to demonstrate they have a strong global network to reach out to potential candidates from around the world. They also have professional knowledge in the industry that can best serve clients’ needs.

26. Best Recruitment Firm – Technology & Telecommunications, Fintech Sector

The technology sector has been the most aggressive sector in recruiting for the past few years. The keen competition for talent in the sector is a well-known fact. The winners of this category are firms with a strong professional network in sourcing the right talent from around the world and have professional knowledge in identifying the right IT professional to match a client’s business needs.

27. Best Screening Provider

The growing number of false and fraudulent information in candidate applications has increased the need for the type of robust background checking only specialists can provide. In addition to leaving a company open to embarrassment and being fooled by false candidate credentials, it can allow fraudsters into the organisation where they can do untold damage. The winners of this category demonstrate excellence in protecting employers from unscrupulous candidates.

28. Best Employee Engagement Software (NEW)

This award will go to the software company which has developed the platform that promotes the engagement of employees in the company.

29. Best HR Management System

Best of breed payroll, applicant tracking systems, learning management systems and talent management software are often excellent, but many companies prefer the consistency and centralised control offered by all-encompassing end-to-end HR management systems which include all HR technology modules. The winners of this category are the software companies which have developed the HRMS which ticks all the boxes and adds the most value for their customers.

30. Best Payroll Software

Back in the good old days, employees received a cheque at the end of the month, and if they were lucky, a pay slip. How times have changed – salary, commission, bonus, flexible benefits, tax, leave, expenses, time and attendance, plus the need for self-service capabilities, cloud-based accessibility and multiple layers of security have all conspired to make a smart payroll package an essential item for all companies. The winners of this award are the companies which have developed the most intuitive and most valuable payroll system.

31. Best Performance Management System

An effective performance management system plays a critical role in evaluating the productivity and competence levels of employees. This award celebrates the best performance management systems with the most intricately thought-out programmes and activities utilising the latest technologies available in the market to come up with an all-encompassing performance management system for HR professionals and their organisations.

32. Best Psychometric Testing Provider

In the current environment of data-driven HR decision-making, psychometric testing has migrated from the fringe to become an increasingly common part of the talent acquisition process. Psychometric testing is used by companies to ensure the short-list is free of people whose personalities do not gel with an employer’s culture and environment. The winners of this award are the companies that provide insights into a candidate’s personality and future behaviour on a consistent basis.

33. Best Recruitment Site – Candidate Experience

Acting as a platform for posting recruitment advertisements will no longer get the job done for recruitment websites. Besides providing a user-friendly interface, a recruitment website also plays the role of match-maker. The winners of this category must demonstrate their ability to find quality matches for job seekers and employers, and prowess in facilitating the recruitment process.

34. Best Recruitment Site – Innovation

Technology advances quickly, and the winners of this category need to show judges they have a new approach to match candidates with potential employers or groundbreaking technology/methodology in matching profiles of candidates with potential employers.

35. Best Talent Management Software

Talent management is a relatively new concept and talent management software is even newer. And yet smart TMS applications are increasingly essential for companies which need an enterprise system to manage the life cycle of all their employees – from recruitment to performance management to learning and career development to retention and succession planning. The winners of this category are the software companies which have developed the talent management system that provides the most value.

36. Best Learning Management System

The verdict is in: Keeping track of the required skills for every role, at every level, in every market and monitoring how every employee is progressing through those required skills and making that data available to all stakeholders in real time is beyond the capabilities of the trusty spreadsheet. Thankfully learning management systems have been developed to take on these tasks and the “Best Learning Development System” award will go to the software company which has developed the LMS which best meets the HR profession’s learning & development needs.

37. Best Consultancy of the Year (not available for entry)

38. Best Recruiter of the Year (not available for entry)

39. Best HR Technology Solution Provider of the Year (not available for entry)

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