Award categories

In-house HR team categories

1. Most Innovative Recruitment Strategy - In-house

This category recognises a recruitment strategy that abandons tried-and-tested methods in favour of innovative, daring and creative recruitment campaigns that attract high-calibre candidates.

2. Best Employer Branding

Celebrating companies that have successfully created strong brand stories that resonate with employees and positions the organisation at the top of candidates’ employer wish lists.

3. Best on Boarding Experience

This category rewards organisations that have excelled in facilitating employees’ smooth introduction, ensuring that new employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to become effective members of the company.

4. Best Graduate Recruitment Programme

This award recognises the efforts of organisations in attracting high calibre graduates that are either recent school leavers or those with 1-2 years of work experience.

5. Most Successful Recruitment Referral Scheme

This category is designed to distinguish organisations that have successfully engaged employees to actively contribute to the company’s workforce development through strong employee referral or internal transfer programmes.

6. Best Use of Recruitment Technology Tools

Have you effectively leveraged on technology to optimise your organisation’s talent acquisition process? This award celebrates innovative uses of technological tools and services to streamline recruitment.

7. Most Innovative and Sustainable Office Design

An attractive, well-conceptualised office with a focus on sustainability is becoming more vital to an organisation’s employee value proposition and a key factor for leading candidates. This award recognises sustainable and ergonomic workspaces in Asia that play a substantial role in attracting top talent.

8. Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

This category recognises work undertaken and policies implemented to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.

9. Best Regional Recruitment Strategy

The war for talent in one country is already a tough one to win, so kudos to regional HR teams and recruiters that have been tasked with the challenge of acquiring and recruiting talents across a cluster of countries. Showcase the astuteness and effectiveness of your regional talent acquisition strategy to win this accolade!

10. Best Campus Recruitment Strategy

This category recognises organisations that engage and recruit soon-to-be graduates through proactive on-campus recruitment campaigns and internships.

11. Best Candidate Experience - In-house

Does your organisation consistently deliver a positive, respectful and professional experience at all touch-points with candidates – from application to interviewing and hiring to onboarding? Enter this category to be recognised for the exceptional candidate experience your organisation provides.

12. Best Candidate Assessment Process

Organisations that demonstrate excellence in proactively applying rigorous assessment and selection techniques to gain a holistic understanding of candidates should enter this category. Judges will be looking for data analytics on staff turnover, long-term business profitability and corporate goals alignment.

13. In-house Recruitment Team of the Year

Are you an in-house recruitment department which has sucessfully integrated organisational excellence and can demonstrate innovation and commitment to a quality service to the company? Entrants should focus on their end-to-end robust recruitment procedure while highlighting the business impact.

14. In-house Recruitment Professional of the Year (individual)

This category is open to all in-house corporate talent acquisition and recruitment professionals. This award aims to recognise the efforts of the recruitment professional in his/her work for sourcing the right candidates to their organisation. 

15. Best HR Communication Strategy

Organisations that are able to stay ahead of talent acquisition with the use of internal and external communication channels to engage and attract external talent will win. 

16. Best Career Website-In-House

Organisations that have user-friendly career websites which provide great user experience and effective mobile friendly sites for hiring. 

Recruitment solution provider categories

17. Best Client Service by a Recruitment Solution Provider

Providing exceptional value while ensuring a seamless process in client delivery and a high-level of client satisfaction is a value add that is highly sought after. Successful entries will showcase how organisations position them.

18. Best Recruitment Portal by a Recruitment Solution Provider

Simple and effective messaging delivered via a clean and user-friendly layout with great engagement is the first step towards impressing visitors and increasing brand awareness. Entrants that do so successfully while generating significant page views are on their way to winning this coveted award.

19. Best Candidate Experience - Solution Provider

It is crucial for solution providers to be aware of candidates opinions and do their best to improve and streamline the candidate application process. A superior candidate experience that is innovative, collaborative and sustainable demonstrates substantial effort in providing a user-friendly recruitment process.

20. Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner

This award recognises the unique aspects of an innovative recruitment process that has greatly contributed to the recruitment sector or process in a positive way, and made a significant difference to various stakeholders.

21. Most Innovative Recruitment Strategy - Solution Provider

This is awarded to the organisation which has secured the most wins across all categories. Please note the Grand Winner title is not open for nominations. 

22. Recruitment Agency Of the Year (under 50 employees)

Industry newcomers and agencies with under 50 employees which have proven themselves to be reputable and profitable while delivering exemplary value and quantifiable results are recognised for their contribution in this category.

23. Recruitment Agency Of the Year (over 50 employees)

The growing incidences of false and fraudulent information in candidate applications has increased the need for the type of robust background checking only specialists can provide. The winners will demonstrate excellence in protecting employers from such unscrupulous candidates. 

24. Best Specialist Recruitment Agency

The winner of this accolade must be an agency who has sound knowledge and understanding of the specific industry and what employers are looking for when filling niche positions. Entrants are expected to provide evidence of great customer service and candidate experience along with clear quantifiable results.

25. Recruiter of the Year (individual)

This award recognises the individual standout performer within a recruitment agency. This exceptional individual understands the needs of different stakeholders, has proven experience and testimonials from clients and candidates, and has brought a significant amount of revenue to the company

26. Best New Recruitment Firm

This award goes to the best new recruitment firms that have been in the business for not more than five years, but have managed to deliver exemplary value and quantifiable results that have continuously impressed their prospective and existing clients.

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